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First of all, we know some guys aren't totally clueless when it comes to buying flowers. To those pioneers who can pick the perfect peonies, we salute you. For the guys who absolutely don't know the first thing about choosing the best bouquet, you came to the right place. Think of this as Flower Buying 101 for those who think a gas station silk rose is just as good as a dozen fresh roses in a decorative vase (hint: It's not).

The Thought Counts, Just Make Sure It's the Right Kind of Thought

A while back there was this picture circulating the internet of a fake rose that turned out to be a rather cheap and see-through pair of thong underpants. It was a gift from a well-meaning father to his daughter. Awkward.

Nobody wants to find themselves in this sort of embarrassing predicament. Be considerate and take the time to really make the right selection. A little research goes a long way, plus your partner will be pleasantly surprised when you can tell them the exact reason why you chose the flowers you did. (It also helps to make sure your flowers are indeed flowers.)

Be Mindful of Personal Preferences

This one is easy if you know which flowers your recipient loves. If you don't, you can always ask them or their friends and family if you want to keep it a secret. Of course, not everybody has a favourite. In this case, you'll have to engage your inner detective.

Choose flowers in their favourite colours or arrangements that remind you of some of their best features. (Flowers the same colour as their sparkling eyes is always a pleaser.) If you really feel like going the extra mile, do a bit of research into the Language of Flowers. Yes, that is a real thing. Pick flowers that deliver the right symbolism, and you can also astound those around you with your new found sentimental knowledge!

Also be Mindful of Sensitivities

Often overlooked but absolutely essential is awareness of any allergies or other sensitivities your loved ones have. You don't want your perfect Mother's Day bouquet to suddenly turn the holiday sour because you didn't know mom was allergic to mums. (A horrible experience this flustered writer can attest to.)

If you aren't sure if your intended giftee has pollen allergies, don't panic. When in doubt, stick to low pollen flowers such as roses and tulips.

Don't Break the Bank

A simple but thoughtful arrangement will be far more appreciated than an extravagant bundle of random, pricey flowers you grabbed at the grocery store. If you really want to get the most for your money, consider the following:

  • Source Locally - Your local florist will have the freshest cuts possible and typically cost significantly less than those big international florists. If your loved one doesn't live nearby, use an online florist directory.

  • Shop In-Season - Flowers that are in season tend to stay fresh longer and also look better than those forcibly turned out year-round. Better yet, varieties that are in season don't cost as much to produce, so the florist will likely pass that savings to you.

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