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Wild flowers are considered a favourite among flower lovers, and who can blame them? Most wild flowers are considered to be beautiful, fragrant and colourful. Most of the wildflowers can be grown in gardens or spontaneously under the right conditions. 

Here are some descriptions of the most popular wild flowers. 

African Daisy 

This is an annual flower with 2 to 4 inches wide daisy like flowers. It is a native of South Africa and comes in bright shades of white, yellow and orange. 


The stalk is branched and has yellow-green flowers.

Baby Blue Eyes 

These are delicate, sky blue, cup shaped flowers that bloom throughout spring. They are more commonly seen in California. 

Bird Cherry

These have attractive individual flower-spikes, and during their prime season let out a strong almond like scent. 


This flower has eight, glossy, butter yellow petals arranged in a rosette on a delicate stalk. 

Corn Flower/Bachelor's Button 

An annual native of Europe, this flower is seen in blue, white, pink and red. 

Drummond Phlox

With flowers that are deep red, they are concentrated in clusters on top of a sturdy stem.  

Dog Violet

These violet flowers are round in shape, and boast an almost lavender colour. 


Thriving in the woodlands, foxgloves are a magnificent deep pink, with hanging bell like flowers. 

Gold Yarrow

This is a beautiful and fragrant Lotus flower that opens in the morning and falls in the afternoon. They are usually found in white and pink colours.

In addition to some of the wildflowers mentioned above, there are some other extraordinary flowers that are considered to be a rarity to find. Here is a small collection of the rarest flowers on Earth:

  • Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

These flowers are native to the UK and other countries in Europe. Single coloured yellow lady slippers are common, but the yellow and purple lady slippers are rumoured to only grow in one place - a hidden spot on a golf course somewhere in North England. 

  • Middlemist Red

This one is considered to be one of the rarest flowers in the world with only two known locations - one in New Zealand and the other at Chiswick House in West London. This flower has beautiful pink petals - a misnomer to the 'red' in its name. 

  • Jade Vine

This is a very rare flower found mostly in the rainforest in the Philippines. It has claw shaped flowers which can range in colours from blue to a light green. This vine's stem can grow up to 60 feet in length and the flowers droop down to be pollinated by bats. However, their beauty is clear at night when they radiate with a luminous glow. 

  • Kadapul Flower

This is more commonly found in Sri Lanka and is considered to be one of the most expensive flowers in the world. It only blooms at midnight before it withers again at dawn. It also dies pretty soon after it is picked. They cannot be sold and are essentially priceless. 

  • Youtan Poluo

This flower used to be considered a myth until examples of these tiny white flowers were seen by a Chinese Farmer. The first mention of these flowers were in Buddhist scripture, and they only bloom once every 3000 years - native only in China, Taiwan and Korea. 

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