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Spring and summer in full bloom means one thing - flowers. Flowers are used for a variety of reasons, but the one thing they do is add an essence of beauty to whatever they adorn. Aside from bouquets and plants, flowers can be used to make crowns. 

Flower crowns are suitable for a variety of occasions:

  • At a wedding atop a bride or flower girl's head

  • For dreamy photographic displays (particularly engagement photos)

  • A fresh twist to a spring hairstyle 

  • Festivities and celebrations 

  • Birthdays 

.....and more. 

Here are 5 types of flower crowns for every occasion: 

Full Flower Crowns

This design is the most common one known by people. It's a full halo of flowers right around the crown. These are usually adorned with large flowers, foliage accents and blooms intertwined within it all. These are heavier but are gorgeous - this type of crown is popular at weddings, being mostly used for a bride's headdress or for a flower girl. 

Flower Headbands 

These flowers are like flower crowns but only come in half the size - like a headband. The shape is typically a half circle of flowers. What's nice about these is that there are two ways to wear them: at the front of the head like a regular headband, or secured with bobby pins around the back of the head. This can be a purely decorative look, or a veil can be attached to it (usually to the design on the back of the head).

Delicate Crowns

These are more suited towards people who do not want to wear something too big and prefer something lighter, delicate and more subtle. These can be a thin crown decorated simply in leaves, berries and small flowers. This comes off with a more understated look that can be worn in day to day activities. 

Rope Crowns 

Going more out of the conventional, rope crowns have their own element of beauty. A rope or a sturdy wire covered in rope would serve as the base of the crown - with its authentic appearance, the rope can be left exposed. Usually, with this design, there is a cluster of brightly coloured flowers on one or both sides of the crown. This is good for events placed in more naturistic settings. 

Bohemian Flower Crowns

Sometimes the most beautiful flower designs are the ones that look the most carefree. They showcase a wild array of flowers in an almost casual design. There are many types of bohemian flower designs - one could say that they are so unique that there is never one in the same. The array of wildflowers and the occasional hanging leaf is perfect for a casual wedding on a beach. 

There are a variety of flower crowns to be used for any occasion. But the one thing they all have in common is that they are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess. 

All credit goes to In Full Bloom