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How to Maintain a Bouquet of Flowers

If you are looking to find a way to keep those bouquet of flowers that you recently got fresh and vibrant just for a few more days, look no further! Here are some tips to help maintain your bouquet of flowers.Cut the StemYou can keep the flowers fresh by

Beautiful Flowers that Can Be Found in the Wild

Wild flowers are considered a favourite among flower lovers, and who can blame them? Most wild flowers are considered to be beautiful, fragrant and colourful. Most of the wildflowers can be grown in gardens or spontaneously under the right conditions. Her

13 Unique Wedding Bouquets (For Those Who Dare to Be Different)

This post is for all the non-traditional brides out there who want to do something outside the box for their wedding starting with their wedding bouquet. If you want to stay away from the classic round posies of roses or peonies, and are looking for sugge

5 Beautiful Flower Crowns Fit for a Princess

Spring and summer in full bloom means one thing "flowers". Flowers are used for a variety of reasons, but the one thing they do is add an essence of beauty to whatever they adorn. Aside from bouquets and plants, flowers can be used to make crowns. Flower

Choosing the perfect Flowers for every Holiday

Choosing the perfect Flowers for every HolidayHolidays are the best and most special days of the year, and each one is filled with its own unique traditions and pleasures. While you're sure to be busy opening gifts on Christmas, or painting eggs on Easter

How to Choose the Right Flowers for your Wedding

When planning your wedding, it's important to check everything off your to do list with confidence. The reception venue, the music, the catering, the wedding cake; everything needs to be perfect for your big day! However, one thing on your list can easily

The Clueless Dude's Guide to Buying Flowers

First of all, we know some guys aren't totally clueless when it comes to buying flowers. To those pioneers who can pick the perfect peonies, we salute you. For the guys who absolutely don't know the first thing about choosing the best bouquet, you came to

Event & Corporate Flowers | Winnipeg Florist

Here's a sneak peek of a gorgeous arrangement we created for a party at Mon Amis Luis.

Flower Arrangements Behind the Scenes | Winnipeg Florist

Here's a look at few gorgeous floral arrangements from our team (photos by us).

Classic White Wedding Flowers | Winnipeg Wedding Florist

Take a peek behind scenes as we set-up for a classic white wedding.

Funeral Flowers

Funerals are always a difficult time but we can help communicate your emotions and honour of a loved one through flowers.

Earth Day Arrangement Takes 1st Place

To celebrate Earth Day, owner and lead florist, Jim Chouzouris created this beautiful arrangement.

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